Frank E. Przybycien

We were introduced to this Downtown Utica Sketch by Frank E. Przybycien. It appears to be the "Genesis" of their Downtown Hospital Concept.

January 23, 2011 - Przybycien named to MVCC staff; Frank E. Przybycien has been named director of community restoration initiatives in the Innovation Center at Mohawk Valley Community College.

Przybycien will act as a liaison with the Utica Municipal Housing Authority and Rebuild Mohawk Valley to create trade, technology and green training opportunities for traditional and non-traditional students in the Mohawk Valley. These partnerships led to the opening of the MVCC Education Center on Elizabeth Street, that currently serves as an additional location for MVCC’s carpentry and masonry program as well as lead and asbestos training certification classes.

He served as a faculty member and department head for the Engineering, Technology and the Trades Department at MVCC and worked for the Bureau of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization for the city of Utica. He is a member of the Genesis Group Board of Directors and is a co-chair of the Genesis Technology Committee. In 1976, he wrote the book, “Utica: A City Worth Saving”.

Przybycien holds a B.S. and an M.S. in civil engineering from Clarkson University. He is a professional licensed engineer.

In Frank's book, “Utica: A City Worth Saving” (mentioned above), he advocates for preserving historical properties. After reading this book, it is very hard to understand why Mr. Przybycien would now advocate against Preservation and support a downtown hospital. Building the hospital as proposed would destroy most of the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood.

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