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Battle For Our City!

Utica, NY | June 25-27, 2017

#NoHospitalDowntown and Better Utica Downtown - BUD and others have called upon professional outsider "Urban Savers" to visit Utica. Please join us our Facebook event page Battle For Our City!, and see detailed events listing below.

Our main guests will look at Downtown Utica - and the proposed hospital concept - they'll walk the Historic Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood, talk with property and business owners, discuss things with residents, leaders and the media.

What will Urban3 and Strong Towns see and hear? What have they learned about other cities, other downtown neighborhoods? What makes some places work, not work, some grow and why do others to remain stuck and or become blighted? What attracts urban residents and what events create downtown revivals?

Does Downtown Utica settle for a costly inner-city hospital that would eat-up a huge part of downtown, or will Downtown Utica Take-part In The Great Urban Revival? So many questions! Please mark your calendar, plan to be in Downtown Utica...

Battle For Our City!

Special Speaking Guests

Joseph Minicozzi of Urban3

Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns

(Additional guests pending)


Sunday, June 25th

- 8pm Dinner
Invited guests, location TBD

Monday, June 26th

- 7am Radio Show
WIBX950 FirstNews With Bill Keeler
Simulcast on WUTR TV

- 8am Radio Show
WUTQ Talk of the Town

- 9-11am Breakfast Reception
Radisson Utica Hotel
Free to Public, Invited Government Officials,
Community Leaders & Media

- 11:10am Walk or Drive
Downtown & Hospitals
Free Van/Bus Ride Available

- 12-1:30pm Lunchtime Talk
The Fort Schuyler Club
* * SOLD OUT * *

- 2-4pm Battle For Our City Symposium
Radisson Utica Hotel

- Chuck Marohn
- Joseph Minicozzi
- Other Special Guests

- 4:15pm Panel Q&A

- 5:15pm Media Interviews

- 6:00pm Narrated walking tour of Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood
Hosted by
Landmark’s Society of Greater Utica
Meet at:
Wilcor International Showroom
333 Lafayette St, Utica, NY

- 6-8:00pm Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood Night
Music & History Tent
Musical Guest Act #1: Fred Gillen Jr
Special Guests
Food & Drinks
Goodie Bags For All

Will Bob Dylan Show Up? Give Us A Shout-out From Syracuse?

- 8:30pm Dinner
Invited guests, location TBD

Tuesday, June 27th

- 8am Building & Property Owner Interviews
Those who would be displaced by eminent domain, or are facing displacement. Have a story of downtown, share it with us

Our event is taking shape, more guests and features to be announced. If you love; urban design, downtown life, city planning, economic development, and or understand healthcare as it relates to hospitals and healthcare access, then we'd like to hear from you. We'd be delighted to have you in Utica on this day - or at another event.

Connect with BetterUticaDowntown and #NoHospitalDowntown on; Facebook or Twitter or Instagram

Look at all the hospital would destroy: Pictures on Flickr or Watch On YouTube Sadly, they're first step would to bulldoze 34-acres, which would look like this: Bye-Bye Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown