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Listen, Scott Perra

[Revised lyrics of the Bob Dylan and Jane Jacobs song, "Listen, Robert Moses", per Gothamist]

Listen, Scott Perra, listen if you can,
It's all about our downtown that you're trying to condemn
We aren't going to sit back and see our buildings and businesses torn down
So take your hospital and keep it out of downtown.

We won't be moved, buddy, we won't be moved
We're fighting for our rights and we won't be moved.
We're fighting for our rights from our heads to our shoes.
We're fighting for our downtown and we aren't going to lose.

For two long years there's been a shadow hanging round
That any day bulldozers will throw our historic buildings down.
We're going to lift the shadow once and all for good
We don't want a hospital, we want a neighborhood.

Some of us are young and some of us are old
But none of us like to be thrown out in the cold.
Are we squatters in the city that we are living and working in?
We will stand up for our rights or be scattered in the wind?

Up and down Oriskany, Columbia, Lafayette, and Carton
State Street to Broadway, and Cornelia, you hear our voices and hearken
From Court to Varick, Fay Street to Sayer Alley and Pine,
We're trying to save our streets from this hospital crime.

Too many other people have been driven from their doors
To make room for some big boxes, parking lots, and more
Businesses been forced to leave their buildings and their roots behind
And dwell in parks, the nondescript, industrial kind.

It’s time to make a stand, it's time to try and save
This here downtown of ours, 'fore it lands down in the grave.
So hold up your banners and raise them to the wind,
We'll stand here and fight, and fight until we win!

- - - - - - - -

#NoHospitalDowntown Campaign to Stop the MVHS Concept
Columbia-Lafayette Business Corridor
Utica, NY

Connect with #NoHospitalDowntown on; Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Look at all the hospital would destroy: Pictures on Flickr or Watch On YouTube Sadly, they're first step would to bulldoze 34-acres, which would look like this: Bye-Bye Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown