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MVHS Meets With City, County & MV EDGE

August 11, 2017 - Utica Common Council President, Mike Galime, discusses the story behind the MVHS Hospital, MV EDGE, and the city... "The Meeting"! No full picture; "Very awkward", "Information is unknown or inaccurate - after two years!",

No Public Notice! Meeting Was Illegal

Utica, NY, July 31, 2017 - Hospital holds illegal meeting in its offices. Here are the documents presented...


Downtown Integrated Health Campus (Otherwise known as a "Inner-city hospital district" in a poor - and getting poorer- city).


Tax Income, Loss & Forecast: Page 1

City Debt Outlook with Parking Garage Repairs: Page 2

City/County/MVHS Parking Garage Scenarios: Page 3

County/City Garage Debt Split, 50/50: Page 4

County/City Garage Debt Split, 55/45: Page 5

County/City Garage Debt Split, 57.5/42.5: Page 6

County/City Garage Debt Split, 60/40: Page 7

And later in the week, we came across Steve DiMeo's secret spreadsheet of Revenues & Avoided Costs For City Of Utica, checkout his creative math and absurd insights!

Why not avoid all the new parking garage debt? Just build at the hospital's board approved, 64-acre, St. Luke's Campus! Our government officials have said different things to different people, yet Senator Griffo stated the $300 million can be used at St. Luke's!, specifically from his letter... "This is important:"

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown