Oneida County & City of Utica Petition

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November 12, 2017 - Residents are angry, "Why can't we vote on this issue?", "Why must we pay for a private company's parking garage?", "How can this happen without a vote by those having to pay for it?", and "Taxpayers are supplying the $300M!"

These questions and statements seem fair. After all the Utica Mayor has said he'd close streets and provide city-owned property, but are these his decisions alone? What voice do taxpayers and residents have?

Oneida County

The county's business and budget are headed by the County Executive and these Twenty-three Legislators. We have a dedicated page here for the executive, #NoHospitalDowntown is watching Anthony J Picente Jr

City of Utica

The city is run by the Mayor (see below) and the nine-person Common Council. A good first step is to attend a Common Council Meeting.

Mr Robert Palmieri
Mayor, City of Utica

Votes: In Favor, Supports Bulldozing Downtown Utica!

Statement, July 11, 2015: "Mayor Robert Palmieri has been lobbying for a downtown location. It fits in perfectly, he said... the timing could never have been better,” Palmieri said."

Contact via email Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri

Above these two officials (who seem not to care about what residents think), is our Governor, Andrew M Cuomo. He has not told us where he stands directly, but his budget extender deal cheered $300M for a Downtown Hospital in great detail...

Let us know your thoughts, please send a message, Email #NoHospitalDowntown

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown