#NoHospitalDowntown to Offer Updates

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#NoHospitalDowntown to Offer Updates

Utica, NY, October 9, 2018 - Another election cycle is upon us. Over three years have passed, the hospital administration and area politicians have never involved the community on where the new Oneida County hospital could be constructed.

Meanwhile the Mohawk Valley Health System still owns no property in downtown, the hospital SEQR study is in progress, the Utica Common Council has not voted to sell city-owned properties nor close streets, roughly 50% of property owners have not signed any deals with the hospital, and finally more than one property owner will force Oneida County and or the City of Utica to use eminent domain.

Please attend our group's press conference on Wednesday, October 10th from 10:30AM to 11AM being held at 10-12 Liberty Street in Bagg's Square district of Downtown Utica.

In addition to release of a #NoHospitalDowntown Voter Guide, other updates will be offered, along with messages from Co-founders Jim Brock and Brett Truett as they announce a $100,000 pledge for court actions and both resident and taxpayer education.

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Contact Info: Brett Truett
Call/Txt: +1(315)794-0401

ICYMI: A CSX train derailment and explosion in Oneida NY in 2007... if repeated in areas of Downtown Utica would mean our only hospital (the one proposed) would need to be evacuated! Please learn more at Oneida NY Derailment

#NoHospitalDowntown was co-founded by two business owners and former board members of Utica’s Chamber of Commerce following disturbing calls from hospital board members in 2015. The hospital is seeking to abandon a 64-acre hospital campus and construct a new hospital downtown. This concept would require demolition of historical buildings and streets and threatens over 40 businesses. Both the Utica Chamber and the Genesis Group have never allowed them to share their concerns with their boards or membership.

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown