We Rejected Their Settlement: They Seek A Venue Change By Other Means!

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Utica, NY, January 21, 2020 - A lawsuit was filed in May of 2019 challenging the downtown hospital SEQR Review. Then on December 23, Albany Supreme Court allowed our claims, Judge’s decision keeps hospital SEQR lawsuit alive. The case has been slowed by motions to avoid the merits.

Recently a settlement was offered and we seriously considered it, the MVHS side seemed honestly interested in expediting the lawsuit to achieve a ruling on the merits. However this past Sunday, after a week of back-and-forth edits, we rejected the terms of the settlement. One term was to leave Albany Supreme Court.

As a result of not accepting their settlement, today it appears the City of Utica attempted an “end run!” According to this Oneida County Supreme Court document, FAX From Justice MacRae, the City of Utica attempted to bring our case pending before an Albany Supreme Court into Oneida County Supreme Court. We must ask, “Wasn't this an attempt to subvert laws?” From our vantage point, it certainly indicates MVHS and the City of Utica were seeking a more favorable courtroom. Why?

It remains our belief the hospital is hiding behind a fatally flawed site plan and SEQR Review as they continue destroying historic properties and the CoLa neighborhood.

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Contact Info: Brett Truett
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#NoHospitalDowntown was co-founded by two business owners and former board members of Utica’s Chamber of Commerce following disturbing calls from hospital board members in 2015. The hospital is seeking to abandon a 64-acre hospital campus and construct a new hospital downtown. This concept would require demolition of historical buildings and streets and threatens over 40 businesses. Both the Utica Chamber and the Genesis Group have never allowed them to share their concerns with their boards or membership.

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown