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Robert Scholefield, MVHS, C.O.O.

Look its a man, a nurse, and perhaps an amazing grandfather too! However, he's no urban planner, nor hospital designer! And what does Mr. Scholefield care or know about the New Downtown Utica and it's Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood? We suggest very little, on both accounts!

January 7, 2019 - Robert Scholefield drafts letter to hospital staff, but forgets its 2019...

The new hospital talk became public on November 19, 2014, see Mohawk Valley Health CEO: New Hospital 'Worth Exploring', and we know insiders started talked much earlier. So it is hard to believe, "It remains too early to tell."

Consider, the C.O.N. has long been submitted, committing in excess of $8M to buy properties by MVHS, and a new hospital design "from inside out" (with architectural floor plans and outside renderings) complete, yet still too earlier?

May 6, 2017 - MVHS C.O.O. Mr Scholefield emails #NoHospitalDowntown cofounder, Brett Truett Responses.

December 8, 2016 - Today Mr Scholefield MVHS Chief Operating Officer was on Utica-area radio twice; Two segments from show number one are here and here

Next up, Bob was over at the WUTQ radio station here and here

We were listening to what Bob had to say and will decode his every word. (Perra's page is forthcoming and it's a real doozy! Others as well..)

Do you have any information on Bob's; background, bedside manners, hospital construction, economic development and or urban planning experience? We'd love to hear from you and we'll be sure to update Bob's page!

In our investigations we've heard from many where they think the best place for a hospital might be. Where did the MVHS look? We don't know where, since they've released no information to substantiate the new hospital. We did find this open area just north of Utica...

Bob's on Linkedin and his concept is to bulldoze Downtown Utica to provide the Mohawk Valley Region with better healthcare. No mind that his hospital system already owns 64-acres on a green hilltop - across from a Utica College that has synergistic "Ed's & Med's" programs. No, Bob wants to go downtown just 2,000 feet from the CSX Freight Tracks... we'll add to this in the coming days and weeks.

Bob's department responsibilities are shown below per the MVHS website. What education and professional experience does he possess? We're investigating. Is he and his team prepared to design the region's healthcare system that we'll need for the next 50-75 years?

Information Technology (MVHS IT)
Cancer Services
Dialysis Services
Facilities Management
Safety / Security / Parking
Environmental Services (SEMC)
MVHS Medical Group
Urgent Care

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown