Unfunded St. Elizabeth Retirement Plan?

St. Elizabeth Medical Center
A New Hospital Downtown

Introduction: We've been informed St. Elizabeth might have a financial issues related to their retirement fund. We were told their retirement fund is not properly funded. Someone asked us, to ask the question, "Who is making the St. Elizabeth retirement payments?"

Partial messages that tipped our hand to this issue follow...

Lol.... the place to look is in the projected pro-forma balance sheet once the entity is one Well the state would have to have bailed out nearly $300 million with nothing to show. Now they do and can dictate. If you only knew. Wish I didn't.

You need to know where to point them. It is all St Elizabeth...

Depends... they were going bankrupt several years ago....... who owns them btw??

You don't know that....

This is sooo political its not funny and is cement shoe material.

Will be interesting... did Keeler get briefed about the unfunded liability issue? Press loves dirt

It is the pensions. There is no fund and the liability is near $300M. Anyone on their board that has access to the balance sheets should be able to tell you what the value of the fund is.

Further, the question of what they planned to do with the pension liability when they were preparing to go bankrupt would be interesting.

FOIL their pension plan...

Well kept secret... as long as you are making payments AND remember... the other FS holdings maybe making payments. Who is liable?

The board must know.I suspect it is the very reason the merger did not happen. Where is the report that the state originally funded? All those records and meeting notes are public for FOIL.

The original study had nothing to do with building a new hospital. Where is that?

Just review this website, going on three years of reporting... add in #Emailgate and all that's missing is a cold body- with that you'd have a modern day mob drama!

Hey, wasn't this suppose to be about a healthcare transformation?

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown