Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood

The Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood that we are saving from being bulldozed, should we call it "Co-La-Fa", or "CoLa-Fay", or "ComLum-Fa", or simply "CoLa", or maybe something else?

[ This is NOT the way to go, but they plan to Bulldoze Downtown Utica Beyond Recognition ]

A claim made in the Region's MV500 Effort (PDF) called the targeted hospital zone in Downtown Utica as "34 acres of a largely vacant, underutilized and functionally obsolete area"

This is a false claim. The Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood supports 40+ Businesses and Contains Many Historic Buildings (Video) or view a #NoHospitalDowntown's Photo Album

Those seeking to build a new hospital district, are now working on step one Bulldozing 1/4 of Downtown Utica's Small Central Business District

Below you may read a detailed account of this neighborhood as documented by our Landmark's Society.

Let's turn away the Government's Urban Renewal-style Concept For A Downtown Hospital & 34-acre Hospital District.

Instead, let's restore some of the past as a new, walkable and desirable place to live, is promoted!

The Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood, Part I - March/April 2016 Starting with an 1806 map of Utica, Michael Lehman (AIA) traces the historic past of a part of downtown Utica defined as "The Historic Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood". Posted here with permission from the Utica Landmarks Society

Part One, Complete (2.56Mb PDF), or smaller single-page PDF's:

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The Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood, Part II - (May/June 2016) Michael Lehman continues his review of Utica's "Historic Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood" and the Landmark Society offers their concluding advice...

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Download Landmark's entire document: Parts One & Two Complete

Finally, for the Landmark Society's concluding points on Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood...

Landmak's Conclusion - Whatever the ultimate decisions are for the location of the new hospital and for this area, there are certain things that must be considered as a matter of course: