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Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Buffalo, NY

The "BNMC" is not in Downtown Buffalo, which is clearly evident when looking through the 2015 Downtown Buffalo Infrastructure and Public Realm Master Plan. Also, the City of Buffalo (area: 52 sq. mi.) is not the City of Utica (area: 17 sq. mi.)!

#NoHospitalDowntown is trying to prevent the urban destruction in our small, historic, downtown in Utica, NY. Our hospital system seeks to bulldoze 25 to 35 acres and displace long-term property owners. These supporters have suggested Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is the Hospital Model That Supports MVHS's Utica Concept. Our group is discussing it here #NoHospitalDowntown Discusses Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, know as "BNMC" to the locals.

September 3, 2018 - Once again we have to chime in. The website WalkScore offers a walking guide for urban neighborhoods. They've designated the 120-acre footprint (started in 2001 by Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Inc) as the neighborhood called "Medical Park".

This neighborhood, also called "BNMC", is a 1-1/2 mile walk from the center of Buffalo's Central Business District...

Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri wants Utica to be Buffalo, but hopes are not facts, and his Downtown Revitalization Initiative is misguided. We're glad it wasn't funded.

January 29, 2018 - Sorry, this large Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is not in the Central Business District, nor "In" Downtown Buffalo...

Study this Buffalo Visitor's Map, you will see the large Buffalo Niagara Campus (upper right, a yellow 15-block, rectangle) is on downtown's outer edge, removed from the center city. On the other hand, proponents in Utica want to bulldoze a large portion of Utica's Central Business District for their hospital concept.

The suggested benchmark hospital/medical district (as shown above), is NOT a downtown hospital. Also in 2016 the population of Buffalo was 256,902, and is the principal municipality of the Buffalo–Niagara Falls metropolitan area, a region with 1,215,826 residents. [Ref.]

We will investigate the history of this Buffalo hospital district, determine what was there before all the Suggested Neighborhood Build-up and what the surrounding residents think. Until then, consider this comment, "No comparison. These are world class research facilities (that would be facilities with an ‘s’ / plural). Buffalo also has a larger population, a larger private sector that is CONTRIBUTING to the development and big investments coming from the Sabres." [Ref.]

What are real estate values in this neighborhood? We checked: "This neighborhood's median real estate price is $62,386, which is less expensive than 97.2% of New York neighborhoods and 97.2% of all U.S. neighborhoods." [Ref.]

You can use this website Neighborhood Scout to investigate the "640 Vital Statistics and 41 Condition Alerts we found. We used the address "955 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203".

The website goes onto say. "The neighbors in the Main St / Edward St neighborhood in Buffalo are lower-middle income, making it a below average income neighborhood. NeighborhoodScout's research shows that this neighborhood has an income lower than 75.9% of U.S. neighborhoods. With 56.1% of the children here below the federal poverty line, this neighborhood has a higher rate of childhood poverty than 93.9% of U.S. neighborhoods."

This website offers information on Buffalo Neighborhoods. To the west of the large hospital/medical district is the neighborhood of the Allentown Historic District, who design was influenced by Frederick Law Olmsted. As a reference see Allentown.org

Additionally, a warning to Downtown Utica from a 2015 Allentown Association newsletter, "If there is a conclusion to reach, it’s this: Build a great place and people will find a way to get there; build a parking lot and a highway, and it will never be a great place."


Get to know the BNMC with a Walking Tour.

Buffalo East Side Corridor Fund

BNMC & NYSERDA Agreement (2011)

Regarding traffic, Advancing Transportation Demand Management Strategies at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Return to the MVHS Hospital Benchmarking page. #NoHospitalDowntown is not anti-new hospital, we simply do not want a hospital in Downtown Utica. Here's Why We Oppose The Downtown Utica Hospital Concept and Many Agree!

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown