Developments & Investments:
Downtown Utica Neighborhoods

Downtown Utica- making steady progress for 15+ years! Trend mirror the national move toward new urban developments. Consider Return of American Cities: Economic Rebound & Future of American Urban Centers.

Below we're showing the progress, in-and-around, our Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood. It highlights reasons the hospital belongs at St. Luke's, and not this downtown neighborhood.

March 22, 2018 - A Downtown Utica article from 2008...

August 27, 2017 - A great question, "Who are we developing downtown for?"

In June 2016 we read, Outside developers express interest in Utica, which needs to be measured against this essay: The Big Urban Mistake. Taken together, we suggests that outside developers do not have the same agenda as local downtowners. The difference is very important to the future character of downtown.

Lastly, most of the many developments listed below are NOT due to the more recent proposed hospital concept. Downtown's recent phase of growth follows a nationwide trend connected to changing living patterns, new urbanization, real estate as a booming "investment class", to say nothing of the extraordinary "seed funding" that Albany has been offering.

An out-of-scale, hospital district that erases our central downtown neighborhood is not the transformation we need, or have been marketing for 15 years. It must be relocated!

We have to ask, "How could such a huge inner-city hospital district balance the numerous, small scale, steps achieved in our small downtown?"

Below, please read about advances mentioned above and you'll understand just how valuable CoLa is and the hospital is not the best use.

Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood (CoLa)

The Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood is home to Erie Canal history; buildings, streets, and alleys- not to mention people and businesses. New York is still working to leverage our canal and canal history, our neighborhood has key ingredients...

Park Outdoor: Digital Billboard

$500,000.00 (completed) Map it!

Salvation Army Family Store

$125,000 (completed) Map it!

The first Salvation Army representatives to come to the Utica area in the late 1800s... Salvation Army celebrates 125 years. The store at 400 Columbia Street has recently invested in a new HVAC and lighting upgrades totaling $125,000. With a little incentive, and labor supplied from members of BUD, the building's exterior is easily transformed.

Enterprise Car Rental

$300,000.00 (in progress) Map it!

Historic Row House, 442 Lafayette Street

$100,000.00 (projected) Map it!


$0.00 (complete) Map it!

ABC ChemDry

$0.00 (complete) Map it!

MV Transportation & Canal-era History Center

$ pending (Various) Map it!

Your Bargain Grocer / Compassion Coalition

$150,000.00 (in progress) Map it!

This "booming" grocery store and distribution center has invested over $150,000 in their facility...

Public Safety Campus

$ (complete) Map it!

Utica's "Gateway Project" in 2001 expanded the police station, parking and added a police maintenance garage. This was followed by a new court house and parking. As a whole, it became the "Public Safety Campus", just opposite the Utica Auditorium. Not yet paid for, it is threaten by the hospital project, Will hospital impact Utica police station?

Police Department

$ (complete) Map it!

Police Maintenance Garage

$ (complete) Map it!

City of Utica Courthouse

$ (complete) Map it!

Kennedy Plaza Apartment

$20,000,000.00 (completed) Map it!

Read story, Extreme makeover: Kennedy Plaza edition.

Brodock Building: Lofts @ 502

$3,000,000.00 (completed) Map it!

Read story, , visit their website: Lofts @ 502 and Brodock Development.

Also, the Brodock Press Moves Into Future

Bagg's Square & AUD

A few businesses popped-up, they attracted some foot traffic, then some branding... Graphic designer working to brand Utica’s neighborhoods, today it's become the place to be and invest!

Investments at the Utica AUD

$200,000,000.00 (in progress) Map it!

New tavern and grill coming in spring 2018...

January 2, 2018 - Coming soon (?) is the Nexus Center...

Progress towards a significant new phase of development...

Million Dollar NYS Expansion Nearly Complete

Varick Street & Brewery District

What was known and still label as Varick Street, is now also home to a more encompassing brand and group, The Utica Brewery District Association. Here are the developments we've seen and continue to watch...

Irish Cultural Center

$2,000,000+ (Ongoing) Map it!

A 21,211-square-foot building and has been designed to feature an authentic Irish tavern restaurant, an event center capable of seating more than 300 people and an Irish heritage museum, among other amenities, read more $1 million secured for Utica’s Irish Cultural Center

Globe Mill

$32,000,000.00 (Pending) Map it!

Indianapolis-based KCG Development is planning on transforming Utica’s former Globe Mills complex into apartments and commercial and office space., read more in Globe Mills development grows closer

Genesee Street Business District

Utica National Insurance

$61,000,000.00+ (2002) Map it!

A new state-of-the-art facility is home to two of the company's largest units, the Eastern Regional Office and the Agents Errors and Omissions Department, along with the Uni-Service Excess Facilities and the Commercial Lines Customer Support Center. 225 employees will occupy the company's new 47,400 square-foot building in downtown Utica. The $6.1 Million-dollar project is the center of downtown Utica's new revitalization project. The building has a raised computer floor throughout and office landscape partitions allow great flexibility for the owner to re-adjust work areas quickly. The company's 1906 fire engine is the main focal point at the main lobby and has been a symbol of Utica National Insurance for many years. [Ref.]

Bassett Health Building

$1,000,000.00+ (Underway) Map it!

Efforts to transform the former M&T Bank office building in downtown Utica are almost complete, learn more in Bassett Health building latest in downtown renovations

Hotel Utica Undergoes Multiple Renovations

$10,000,000.00 (completed) Map it!


Pizza Classic / Black River Systems Block

$ pending (completed) Map it!

Landmarc Building

$3,000,000.00 (completed) Map it!

History Marker

171 Genesee Street

$1,000,000+ (completed) Map it!

FosterMartin Interactive Marketing

Owner of FosterMartin, ,

Christine’s Cookie Shoppe

Ecclesta Creperie

Character Coffee