Raymond A. Meier

Helping the current County Executive muster his courage to rage against his constituents with a healthcare/hospital boondoggle, and the MOU/MOA agreement, welcome to the new chapter of Utica's Mob Files....

Did you know that our current County Executive, Anthony J Picente Jr, use to be a driver for Mr. Meier? Also Mr. Meier is the lead attorney for MVHS. He also sat, along with MVHS's PR Firm The Paige Group, as Mr. Picente introduced MVHS CEO Scott Perra to the Oneida County Legislature as they deliberated indebting Oneida County for a $43M hospital parking garage.

New York State Most Corrupt State In America

We are watching Ray...

Does Ray have Albany's Park Strategies, founded by Former NYS Senator D’Amato, on speed dial? Together these law firms are creating New York's newest "authority", one that Mr Anthony J Picente Jr heads, New York State Sports & Entertainment Facilities Association. It's all part of a destructive plan for downtown parking.

Profile (per Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC): Ray is a business law attorney and co-chair of the firm's government relations practice and also co-chair of the municipalities practice. His background in public service and private law practice provide a wide range of experience, knowledge and contacts to the clients he represents. Ray served five terms in the New York State Senate. He is also the former Oneida County Executive and a former Corporation Counsel for the City of Rome. Ray provides legislative representation to trade groups and local governments proposing or opposing passage of legislation by the New York State Legislature and action by the Governor. He frequently works with private businesses and economic development organizations with regard to assembling projects and securing assistance from state agencies. In his municipal law practice, Ray has represented a number of towns, villages, cities and counties. He has worked with local governments and citizens to provide representation in general municipal law issues, land use, tax review and government efficiency and reorganization matters. As a former County Executive and former Chairman of the New York State Senate Social Services Committee, he has broad experience in social services and Medicaid issues confronting County governments and health care providers."

There are so many public Voices Against This Utica Hospital Concept

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown