Peg Roberts
Utica, NY

Peg Roberts Writes to Governor Cuomo on the downtown hospital concept. But she and her sister do much more as citizens of Utica and the Mohawk Valley.

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Time For Some Humor

So A Guy Walks Into A Bar...

Bartender gives a guy his beer and says, "Heard about that no hospital downtown group? Yeah, the ones using scare tactics to get it moved up to St. Luke's instead of into the heart of downtown where it belongs."

Guy replies, "Yup, heard some Zecca guy talking about this Red Zone, fantasizing about oil tank cars derailing or exploding on the railroad tracks. How stupid does he think we people of Utica are? First those trains are made of steel so what’s inside will stay inside. Second, if we did have some kind of disaster or explosion we can move people from the hospital to that huge nearby auditorium for safety like they do in them storms and hurricanes. And, forth, let’s say we had to evacuate them to Syracuse, which isn't very far, we'd simply put them on the trains to get them to Syracuse... just wheel their beds or wheel chairs onto the tracks and off they go!"

Guy continues, "I could go on and on with all those reasons why this hospital must be built downtown. Uticans need a single hospital that they can walk or take a bus to without fear, that's why I'm support'in downtown."

Acting Credits- A) Bartender: [name withheld], B) Guy #1: Davy D. Dimwit

Follow that Zamboni

Tonight we left city hall and on the way home we could see whole city blocks lined with cars - block after block after block. After the early birds fill up the parking lot across from the auditorium; the streets fill up with hundreds of devout hockey fans.

Now there's a saying....."If we build it, they will come!" So the city wants to saddle the taxpayers with building a pay-to-park parking garage to accommodate the hospital, the auditorium, and whatever else they can squeeze in. And how do you insure that all these street-parkers will utilize the parking garage? Well, you ban street parking or extort payment.....simple as that. After paying to build the garage, how glad will they be to pay to park there. All this for something that the mayor, without having the authority, signed the MOA on.

As with both the garage and the downtown hospital, city government is again telling Utica and Oneida County taxpaying residents where to stick the puck. This garage should be the downfall of the downtown hospital but it will easily be the downfall of this city. Who cares about MOAs and MOUs. Corrupt politicians and pompous thugs will skate on this one because Utica has already signed its DNR.

Just Peg


As sung to the tune of "On Broadway". So, if you're old enough, give it a try!

We want the hospital to be
Built downtown--downtown
Some claim that there’s a
better place somewhere
But We don’t care ‘bout what they say
We want it downtown anyway
And we won’t stop until they build it there

M V H S will lead the way
to downtown--downtown
And you can bet Bill
Keeler will be there
Trust them, it’s no mirage
We need that costly parking garage
The people have so many dimes to spare

Some claim that there’s a Red
Zone downtown--downtown
And there’s Potential
Danger in the air
We have no fear of toxic spills
The hospital will give us pills
And They will see we’re way too tough to scare

Some people own a place
In downtown--downtown
And they don’t want to
have to move from there
But who cares ‘bout their pain
With Eminent Domain
Those people really haven’t got a prayer

Come join us in our cry
For downtown--downtown
We’ve got the money, power,
fame, and flair
Now You must know we’re gonna win
And we will gladly let you in
You’ll always find warm welcome in our snare

Build Downtown
Build Downtown
Build Downtown

Lyrics by Peg Roberts

Peg and Fran Roberts are two of many taking action and speaking out... many other voices and essays have spoken out against the ruinous Downtown Utica hospital concept. You may also be interested in #NHD RADIO and #NHD TV. As well as still more comments against the downtown concept

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown