Voice of Peg Roberts

Peg Roberts of Utica writes to Governor Cuomo on the downtown hospital concept...

Dear Governor Cuomo...
October 4, 2017

The City of Utica, New York is imploding---- and local politicians are placing the blame smack dab on your shoulders. Our citizenry is afire.

We are being told that YOU will give back to us our own taxpaying money to the tune of 350 million to support a “DOWNTOWN” Hospital if we comply with all of your directives. You have no idea of the bedlam this has caused, perhaps you do, but the people’s voice has most certainly been silenced in this city and the buck passing needs to stop.

The power grab is on--with our mayor and common council changing our city charter extending local politicians’ term limits in office from 8 to 12 years without public referendum. No one has answers, except that it is all your fault. Only days before the county MOA vote further burdening taxpayers with another parking garage, one legislator said that he really had no information on it other than that he was in favor of it. Another said it was 50/50 to him. It carried unanimously.

My sister and I sat with our signs outside city hall yesterday as people were paying their taxes and their disgust with the “political cloud of corruption and collusion was evident. Despite age, we vow to be out as much as possible, informing residents of what is really going on. People are waking up and don’t know which way to turn.

Your recent visit to our neighbor of Rome, NY with a call for enhancement of its downtown area with shops, stores, boutiques, and restaurants, so appealing to millennials just deepened the cut to Utica residents.

The citizens, not the mayor, need your input and time is of the essence!

Peg Roberts of Utica, New York
198 Riverside Drive

[We thank Peg for copying us on her letter she submitted to the Governor]

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