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As foretold by emails from #Emailgate, the Oneida County's Local Development Corp (OCLDC) passed "Lead Agency" role onto Utica's Planning Board. MVHS hired O'Brien & Gere to guide their concept's SEQR process. Below are various documents we're studying...

SEQR Documents

[1] The MVHS Application For Financial Assistance To OCLDC

[2] Read the OCLDC Cover Letter & MVHS Full Environmental Assessment Application (Cover Letter, Environment Assessment App, and O'Brien & Gere Exhibits)

[3] MVHS's documents to OCLDC, MVHS SEQR Exhibits: B Through Q

[4] MVHS's Draft Scoping Document

*** Public Hearing: Transcript Of Verbal Submissions ***

[5] MVHS's Final Scoping Document

[6] MVHS's Draft Environmental Impact Study

[7] Public Input On DEIS (Written), 200 pages, supplied via the UticaOD [Ref.].

[8] City's / MVHS's Notice of Completion of Final EIS

[9] City's / MVHS's Final Environmental Impact Study

[10] City of Utica Planning Board Draft Findings Statement

SEQR Blog | MVHS SEQR | City of Utica | SEQR References

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No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown