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MV Health


We are committed to saving Downtown Utica from wrecking balls and bulldozers - it would just be senseless urban renewal! This page is dedicated to what the region deserves, we called it MV Health and we'll offer our ideas for improving healthcare, AND saving the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood.

We have very serious healthcare questions as to why the MVHS Board of Directors proposes walking away from the Oneida County Medical District which is already established here: OCMD?

We would like to see St. Elizabeth Medical Center be purchased by Trinity Health, who is affiliated with Rome Hospital and St. Joseph's in Syracuse. At the same time, the Faxton and St Luke's campuses would be sold to Bassett Health Network.

The first step is not building a downtown hospital, but adding Urgent Care to downtown. Next instead of shrinking our hospital services, expand them and add competition.

The future of regional Mohawk Valley healthcare would be far superior if our area hospitals were owned and guided by larger hospitals with ties to both Columbia University Medical Center and Trinity Health.

Bassett Health has been expanding towards Oneida County and is Investing In Downtown Utica, they're also connection with Columbia University as described here Columbia-Bassett. Meanwhile Trinity Health is connected with Syracuse's St. Joseph Hospital and Rome Hospital.

A fitting match as St. Elizabeth and St. Joseph share religious ties with The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, consider... "Mother Marianne was born in Germany in 1838. Her family moved to Utica, and she joined the Sisters of St. Francis in 1862. She helped establish St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Utica in 1866 and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse in 1869."

Trinity Health reported 2016 revenues of $16.3 billion. Columbia University Medical Center, which is part of New York & Presbyterian Hospital is a hospital system with 2015 revenues of $4,816,088,296.

Is the Utica-area seeking a transformation in healthcare? How would that occur with adding more hospital and taxpayer debt? The Mohawk Valley Health system is a very small, Utica-based, management team. MVHS's net assets were only $2.5 million in 2014; indicated in the graph above by the small dot to which the red arrow points.

February 14, 2017 - MVHS is wrong, you can build new hospitals next door to existing hospitals...

Currently a small and local Management Board of the Mohawk Valley Health System is guiding our hospitals. However, the results have been poor, just look at the recent headlines:

December 23, 2016 - Utica hospitals facing Medicare penalties

November 9, 2016 - OUR VIEW: Proposed hospital plan still on critical list

June 21, 2016 - Child care in St. Luke's ER called 'dangerous'

May 26, 2016 - Private pediatricians pull out of health system, ER coverage

May 23, 2016 - Bumbolo lawsuit claims negligence on numerous parties

Some politicians suggest that the new hospital debate is a battle between New Hartford and Utica. Why is this turned into a small town vs. small city tug-of-war? That's just small thinking and damaging parochialism. Secondly it's factually wrong. The current Faxton-St. Luke's Campus is in this New York Mill, Census Tract 234, see it on the Oneida County, Census Map.

Also, just look at how Utica's boundaries encircle the St. Luke's Campus. They say St. Luke's is too old, but we say, "How Old, Does Anyone Really Know?" But no two ways about it, there is plenty of acreage at St. Luke's Campus...

We can even foresee cooperation between a new medical office building and the successful and expanding Slocum Dickson Medical Group, via a Connecting Bridge perhaps.

The recently revealed downtown concept easily fit at the 64-acre St. Luke's Campus, and doing so would put more funding directly into a new hospital and new equipment... and not bulldozing a Downtown Utica neighborhood!

Why doesn't Utica partner our hospitals with strong and much larger partners? Why reduce bed count if we are seeking a transformation, is that small thinking by the local MVHS board? Our politicians say the "Nano Boom" is coming, let's keep downtown booming, and let medical experts handle healthcare.

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We also believe that the population center of the MVHS three-county "service area" is not in Downtown Utica, have a look at the population mapping by census tracts here Census.Gov Mapping.


#NoHospitalDowntown is not anti-new hospital, we simply do not want a hospital in Downtown Utica. Here's Why We Oppose The Downtown Utica Hospital Concept and Many Agree!

We're building a Utica Hospital Timeline

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown