Proposed Downtown Hospital Concept


We've asked, and many other people have asked: What's So Wrong With St. Luke's?

Proposed Downtown Hospital Concept

The proposed downtown concept easily fits at the St. Luke's Campus, they can do it and stay fully away of the current hospital and nursing home...

The downtown concept has been revealed! We show how their concept easily fits onto the St. Luke's campus...

Nothing can make this look good, its just a Sea Of Parking, but here are the news links on MVHS's and NBBJ Healthcare's hospital concept unveiling:

WRVO: Downtown Utica hospital site plan unveiled
WIBX 950: MVHS Unveils Site Plan For Downtown Utica Hospital
Rome Sentinel: Officials unveil site plan for downtown Utica hospital
Spectrum News: First Look At Site Of Utica's Futrure Downtown Hospital [Concept]
WKTV: MVHS unveils partial hospital site plans
CNY Homepage: Downtown Hospital Site Plans
Oneida Dispatch: Designing An Integrated Healthcare Campus In Utica
Politico (Subscription required): MVHS Releases Site Plan For New Utica Hospital

Why has the true impact area never been shown and explained to Utica-area residents? Learn for yourself, take a look at the "Utica slow roll" by viewing the Changing Map of the Downtown Utica Hospital District.

Why Utica-area politicians never talk about, or seem to care, that their downtown concept is more honestly a billion dollar concept...

Taken from a presentation given to the Oneida County Legislature, look at those who created and or backed the ill-conceived downtown hospital concept. Who knew first, when did these others become informed? We have so many questions for these people and companies...

Let the record clearly show, residents and taxpayers of the hospital system's service area were not listed, and were the last to know.

Who would own the new hospital land and buildings? Seems it could be a private for profit company, seeking to make money for investors. Does this make healthcare more expensive?

The hospital has been called many things, but in the end it would only be an "inner-city hospital district", within a poor city. The folks at MVHS love to call it a health or medical campus, but they're only hoping to make it sound nicer. Regardless of the label, we've had a hard time understanding the Changing Downtown Utica Hospital Concept Maps

CEO Perra says there are missing figures, like a $70-75M new IT System...

Is the architect building a case for his MVHS bulldozers?

They're on a fool's errand, as time will prove...

We have been told "cost are about the same" (MVHS CEO Perra, April 2, 2016) and "Since $300M is only for downtown, we didn't even study the cost for the St. Luke's campus" (MVHS COO Scholfield, May 2017)

Read about and see the Changing Downtown Utica Hospital Map, we've updated with another map that shows the Utica Observer-Dispatch had another map, but still not a full disclosure: Changing Downtown Utica Hospital Map, Rev3.


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