Hammes Company

October 12, 2016 - We don't believe that MVEDGE and MVHS, hire a very objective "healthcare" consultant! - We are investigating, follow the Utica's MVHS & Hammes Company story on Facebook.

Each time #NoHospitalDowntown looks to find facts, the reasons for supporting the politically-backed downtown hospital, we find troubling information like this. Hammes is the "engineering company" that studied the site selection work done by Mohawk Valley EDGE; they studied the costs of a new hospital at the St. Luke's campus vs. "going downtown", they then confirmed that the downtown site could work as costs were comparable.

Where are Hammes' figures, what were their motivation? Watch their video titled Real Estate 101 for Healthcare Executives Does Hammes care about the Mohawk Valley Health Care situation, or financing and the ROI of health care facilities for their clients?

Has Albany's corruption taken root here in Utica? Or did it start in Utica, and then travel to Albany?

Two years out, and no improvements to Oneida County Health Care Facilities! Actually, most headlines suggest our healthcare system (Palumbo case, ER, Pediatrics, Nurses strike, etc.) are in pretty questionable shape. And as far as project management goes, their new hospital situation is cause for GREAT alarm.

Mohawk Valley Health Systems hired Hammes two years ago to help plan new hospital. It appears they would leverage $300 million from the taxpayers, but little has happened. Meanwhile 41 businesses are are getting pushed away from their downtown Columbia Lafayette Street Neighborhood

JULY 23, 2015 - Hammes is much more than "healthcare"! Into big ticket sports venues and politics, big time! Consider... Is Hammes the real reason Walker backed the Bucks arena?

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No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown