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A quick concept for new hospital and connected medical office building (MOB), this is what the region needs! And we can keep developing downtown as BUD suggests BetterUticaDowntown, no businesses get kick aside, historic streets and buildings are saved!

February 11, 2017 - Whole lot of room at the St. Luke's Campus...

Here's Another Image To Explain This, and across from a growing college with nursing and medical programs!

December 30, 2016 - New Hospital Built Next To Old Hospital, Surgery Continued less than 50 feet away!

Our local Utica hospital systems offers mistruths, tries to build case for ill-conceived and politically-backed downtown hospital. Read the reality here Demolition & Construction Doesn't Stop Healthcare (PDF)

Look at the following image of St. Luke's. You will see that they've added-on many times before, Can you spot the original St. Luke's Hospital? They've also built new facilities nearby the hospital - without issue as well.

December 13, 2016 - Dated 1869 Syracuse Hospital Expanded; But in Utica Politicians Help Health Officials Spread Lies

The Mohawk Valley Health System says they cannot build on their green 64 hilltop acres. Yet they're looking to move into a small inner-city setting that would displace 40 businesses, and leave no easy room for future growth. Their arguments are false...

Also in 2009 (time of the article), hospital officials said, "the project will help accelerate revitalization of the surrounding Prospect Hill neighborhood." That was untrue, while as healthcare expanded, this past summer we took pictures of blight, vacant and partially vacant buildings, and generally a very poor surrounding neighborhood.

October 15, 2016 - Utica Hospital CEO Says They Can't Build New Hospital Next To Old Hospital We have to wonder where he gets his information, as that claim is false. There are numerous hospitals that add-on and or build new hospitals side-by-side old facilities.

Hospitals are required, we all need them! However, they do not make great neighbors. Neighbors in Saratoga, NY are unhappy about possible hospital expansion... Wouldn't "Nano Success" Lead to More Growth & Further Destruction to Downtown in the Future?

Utica has one large old hospital district, nearly 100-acres Called Old Main In addition we have Faxton, St. Elizabeth's and St. Luke's Campus locations. The last three have made news of modern additions and offering quality care upgrades...

At St. Elizabeth's $13M Expansion of St. Elizabeth Medical Center's Emergency Room & Trauma Center, at St. Luke's MVHS Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New ICU Family Lounge and Faxton Hospitals MVHS as it celebrates the newly-renovated Radiation Oncology Unit

If a new hospital is to be built downtown, just Look at Utica's Hospital Sprawl Also, the first step to their ill-conceived Downtown Utica Hospital is to Bulldoze 1/4 of Utica's Small Central Business District

We are asking for reports, studies, and factual information as we fully disagree with the need for a New Utica Hospital Especially one that Pushes Aside 41 Downtown Utica Businesses

Mohawk Valley Health System
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We are investigating- Our first quick mapping of St. Luke's above showed us about 44 acres. Yet per this newspaper article the hospital campus owns a lot of land, like 64 acres! It's on a nice hill, with great road access! Why would they even start to consider a small Downtown Utica parcel where they'd be land-locked?

Old Hospitals, That's All They Say When we ask why, and seek their studies, and reports; we're given no facts and simply told that "Utica's hospitals are old". Yet they don't plan to close Faxton and St. Luke's has many new additions. Bulldozing 34-acres is easy when you have $300M of taxpayer's money. Providing great healthcare, even in a new building or an old building, is hard. We must demand studies, especially with headlines like this Child Care In St. Luke's ER Called 'Dangerous'

We'll suggest you contact the leading advocate of this ill-conceived concept, New York State Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi. Reach him by E-mail, by telephone (315)732-1055 or address him on Twitter @ABrindisi119

St. Elizabeth Medical Center (STEMC)
2209 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13501
Phone: (315)798-8100
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Faxton St Luke's Healthcare
1676 Sunset Ave, Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 624-4300
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History of Utica-area Hospitals & Expenses

Year(s) Entity/Name Description Notes/Links
2014 Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare and St. Elizabeth Medical Center announced their affiliation under the Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) TBD
2013 St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC)/Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSL) New York Office of Attorney General entered into a settlement with St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC) and Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSL), the only two general acute care hospitals in Utica, N.Y., allowing them to affiliate under a single parent entity. Merging Catholic & Non-Sectarian Hospitals
2013 St. Luke's Hospital Continuing care services, including Senior Network Health, Visiting Nurse Association of Utica and Oneida County and Mohawk Valley Home Care- relocated to the Center for Rehabilitation and Continuing Care Services (24-bed acute inpatient rehabilitation unit, 40-bed subacute rehabilitation unit, and 8 station outpatient dialysis units TBD
2012 St. Elizabeth & St. Luke's Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare and St. Elizabeth Medical Center signed a memorandum of understanding as the official first step toward affiliation TBD
2012 St. Elizabeth & St. Luke's each received $7.1 million grants from New York state under a state law intended to “right size and restructure health care delivery systems $14,200,000
2011 Merger Talks Boards of Directors for Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare and St. Elizabeth Medical Center passed a resolution to begin discussions on the feasibility and benefits of merging or undertaking other transactions that would more closely link the two hospitals TBD
2010 St. Luke's Home Expansion $31.3M grant from NYS for the renovation of 20,000 s.f. and the creation of nearly 40,000 sf of new space $31,300,000
2009 Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare/St. Luke’s Nursing Home/Utica College A $15M Cogeneration Plant creates both heat (for the hospital) and electricity for use at all three facilities: Faxton-St. Luke’s Hospital (300 beds); St. Luke's Nursing Home (200 beds); and Utica College (3000 students) $15,000,000
2009 St. Elizabeth's Urgent Care Facility Hospital purchases Formerly leased The Hartford Financial Services Group building on Middle Settlement Road $3,400,000
2009 Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare/St. Luke’s Nursing Home/Utica College A $15M Cogeneration Plant creates both heat (for the hospital) and electricity for use at all three facilities: Faxton-St. Luke’s Hospital (300 beds); St. Luke's Nursing Home (200 beds); and Utica College (3000 students) $15,000,000
2007-2008 St. Elizabeth's Growth In fall and winter of 2007, the hospital removed the park setting with many old growth trees on its front lawn. By October of 2008 St Elizabeth’s had a new parking area to support their new “state of the art” emergency room and cafeteria. TBD
2007 St. Elizabeth's College of Nursing SECON and SUNY Poly announced a unique partnership on the "1+2+1" program TBD
2006 Broadacres Nursing Home Demolition begun on Broadacres Nursing Home, was completed fully in 2007 TBD
2004 St. Elizabeth College of Nursing (SECON) College of Nursing celebrates 100th year of operation and the graduation of over 3000 men and women TBD
2003 SEMC & AG Resolution Agreement Resolution between New York State Attorney General and St. Elizabeth Medical Center(PDF) TBD
2002 Consolidation Approved Hospital Board approved consolidation resulting in; one acute care and inpatient facility located at St. Luke’s Campus, and a primarily outpatient facility located at the Faxton Campus TBD
2000 Regional Cancer Center Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare open's a Regional Cancer Center in cooperation with St. Elizabeth Medical Center TBD
2000 Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Faxton Hospital and St. Luke’s combine into a single new entity TBD
1999 Faxton & St. Luke’s Faxton Hospital and St. Luke’s foundations are combined into one foundation TBD
1998 Faxton & St. Luke’s Faxton Hospital and St. Luke’s-Memorial formed a single management team TBD
? St. Luke's Home A 202-bed long term care facility opens with a 40-bed subacute rehabilitation unit TBD
1997 Faxton & St Luke's Faxton Hospital & St. Luke’s combined governing boards into a common 25-member board serving both hospitals TBD
1996 Mohawk Valley Heart Institute Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare & St. Elizabeth Medical Center form the Mohawk Valley Heart Institute TBD
1996 Broadacres Hospital Hospital had become a nursing home (in ?), was closed TBD
1992 Mohawk Valley Network St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital unanimously approved an affiliation with Faxton Hospital forming the Mohawk Valley Network TBD
1989 Faxton Hospital Faxton Hospital and Children’s Hospital merged to become Faxton Hospital TBD
1978 Utica State Hospital Locally known as "Old Main", closes it's doors after opening 135 years ago Old Main
1961 Utica College Utica College departs Oneida Square in Downtown Utica, relocates to Burrstone Road Campus Utica College
1957 St. Luke’s-Memorial Hospital Opens at its current location on St. Luke’s Campus on Champlin Ave. in New Hartford TBD
1949 (Hospital Merger) Utica Memorial Hospital and the (original) St. Luke’s Home merge TBD
1942 Rhoads General Hospital World War II; Rhoads General Hospital is begun on Burrstone Road consisting of 180 buildings, in July 1943 the hospital was ready to open with 1750 beds. Two hundred wounded soldiers arrived on August 25. 1943 Oneida Historical Society
1935 Broadacres Hospital 168 bed hospital is constructed to treat tuberculosis TBD
1907 St. Elizabeth College of Nursing School of Nursing graduates first class of seven (7) TBD
1906 St. Lukes Memorial Hospital St. Lukes Memorial Hospital opens on Whitesboro Street TBD
1904 St. Elizabeth College of Nursing Established as a private college TBD
1897 Faxton Hospital Faxton Hospital adds a home for nurses TBD
1895 Utica Homeopathic Hospital Established and later renamed Utica Memorial Hospital TBD
1895 Faxton Hospital Faxton Hospital appoints Dr. Fred J. Douglas the first resident physician TBD
1892 Faxton Hospital Faxton Hospital adds training center for nurses is established TBD
1875 Faxton Hospital is built as a gift from Theodore S. Faxton on Sunset Avenue Established by Theodore S. Faxton on Sunset Avenue in Utica TBD
1869 St. Luke’s Home The original St. Luke’s Home established TBD
1866 St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Hospital is founded TBD
1850s City Hospital On Bridge Street (now Park Avenue) a former fur shop is taken over by the Mayor for "City Hospital" and fitted-up to contain 35 to 40 beds. Newspaper reported, "The hospital is far from what we want in Utica, but it is a large advance on nothing at all and we hail it as a forerunner of its betters. Oneida County Historical Society
1843 NYS Lunatic Asylum New York State Lunatic Asylum built and set on 130 acres, now called Old Main ) Old Main, on Wikipedia
1830 Utica Orphan Asylum UOA opens on Genesee Street in Utica TBD

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown