To Whom It May Concern

Joseph P. Bottini, February 19, 2016

There is always a possibility that one forms an opinion without knowing all the facts. I now state my opinion fully aware of this condition. I am not aware of the parameters for receiving state funds or how they are distributed. It is not my fault as I am forming an opinion only with facts I am allowed to have via public media.

I strongly believe a new hospital, if needed, would best be located on the St. Luke's property site in New Hartford. Reasoning for this view is based on the following considerations:

1. Room for expansion of hospital facility in the future
2. Room for a parking facility (lot or garage)
3. Nursing home just renovated and expanded contiguous with property
4. Roads (highway) accessibility already in place
5. Ambulance ease of traffic and approach
6. Room for a med-e vac facility
7. Proximity to Utica College for academic availability
8. Potential of a medical corridor with Utica College and old Utica State Hospital
9. Room for a research facility in cooperation with Utica College
10. Potential for a nurses(ing) school facility in cooperation with Utica College
11. Convenient public transportation options for visitors
12. Room for a joint hotel venture with Utica College benefiting both venues
13. Room to have a lab facility for research and daily medical testing
14. More centrally located to areas of population - both urban and rural
15. Potential for a future "total medical center" with a research component, nursing and related medical field schools including: nursing, laboratory technology, physical therapy, radiology X-ray school, as well as mental health clinic, state-of-the-art heart research/treatment center.
16. Medical physician office building.
17. Out-patient treatment/surgical center.
18 Opinion of some ambulance attendants/paramedics " urban project is not best".

Let us not make a hasty decision - or a wrong headed decision - as was done with (1) the Oneida Square Round-About, and (2) the Bagg's Square bridge...

Round-About: May I point out the need for a two-car length space between each road/street entrance into the circle in order to have a proficient Round-About... (a) The present one is inadequate because it is too small to accommodate traffic sufficiently. (b) It was a great idea, but incorrectly implemented as stated above. (c) Haste, provincial thinking and ignorance of what was needed led to another half-baked project. (d) The focal point of the square, Civil War Monument has lost some of its significance. And (e) A display of little patriotism, or lack thereof, is evident by this project's concern for history.

Bagg's Square Bridge: May I point out the destruction of a proper entrance to our city from the north... (a) Bagg's Square has been buried. (b) The beautiful Federal Building has been obliterated. (c) Main Street, from the west has been truncated. (d) Many buildings have been demolished, some very historical. (e) The D.A.R. historical marker was removed until replaced a few years ago. (f) Entrance to the Union Station from Genesee/John Street via Main Street has been precluded. (g) Much of the legacy of the most notable benefactor of Utica has been denigrated. (h) Much of the historic legacy of the Bagg (Bagg Commemorative Park) family has been diminished. (i) The million dollar rejuvenation of Union Station is not prominent in our contemporary landscape. (j) Streets in Utica; Catherine, Genesee, Broad and Oriskany have been scared or compromised. And (k) Parking or the Federal building and businesses on lower Genesee Street has been lost.

May it be widely recognized that I do not have a dog in the hunt - nor an ax to grind. Although, I must admit to being disgusted with the inability of our leaders to make better decisions.

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