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Healthcare, downtowns, economic development, taxpayers, residents, renters, developers vs. downtowners, Jobs and our economy... we have to wonder, "Has anyone considered all the facts and costs?" We believe the answer is "No!", and that many regular people have been shutout of a massive project to whom only a few with power, access to power, and others who seek power have made.

Below are links and comments on the pages and topics we have investigated. The issue at hand is the development of Downtown Utica: We say MVHS has a very bad Concept, one never contenplated in Utica's Master Planning. Our opposition states Destroying the Buildings and eliminating the CoLa neighborhood street grid, moving-out 40+ Businesses, and converting it into a large hospital district is the best option for advancing downtown and healthcare.

Pullout a high school AP Human Geograpy guidebook, it offers a broad background and outline of the issues at hand; Population and Migration, Cultural Patterns and Processes, Political Organization of Space, Agriculture and Rural Land Use, Industrialization and Economic Development, and finally Cities and Urban Land Use.

Our links to the People, Companies & Organizations of Utica's new hospital saga; as #NoHospitalDowntown seeks answers and contemplates the wide-ranging issues categorized and listed below.

Table of Contents

1. Healthcare Industry
2. Hospitals
3. Economy, Economics, Demographics & Socioeconomics
4. Downtown Utica
5. Economic Development: Developers, Projects & Issues
6. Real Estate / Land Use / City Planning & Planners
7. Transportation
8. The Downtown Hospital Concept
9. #NoHospitalDowntown
10. Politics
11. Legal
12. People, Companies & Organizations
13. Media
14. Resources
15. Additional References

To understand our opposition decision, one would need to take a very hard look at the Healthcare Industry, this is about healthcare first, isn't it?

It is very complicated and a matter of great political influence. For example consider this 2014 legal brief titled, Governor Cuomo’s Budget Includes Legislative Amendments to Urgent Care and NYS's Burger Commission.

Change, Consolidation, and Competition in Health Care Markets (PDF), by Martin Gaynor and Deborah Haas-Wilson

Healthcare Industry

Please turn to our Healthcare Industry page.


Many offer donations to their local hospitals, however, Where Would Your Money Go If Donated To MVHS? Sadly while other hospitals offer help with Addiction, Utica's MVHS seems totally disconnected.

Many people have asked, Reuse Study: What Would Happen To Utica "Old":" Hospitals?.

We question the opposition who suggests, You & Your Family Will Not Have To Travel For Healthcare, as our small city and upstate region just does not have the population.

How does one determine the Need for a new hospital? To understand the downtown concept being offered, we are looking at other New Hospitals for comparisons. One aspect we have heard almost nothing about, are the Risks of taking-on a new hospital's construction. And most important, we have examined the Hospital Benchmarks our opposition holds out as their models for creating one in Downtown Utica.

Our inquiry suggests that Hospitals Are Not Great Neighbors that understanding the Utica Hospital History, and Utica's Hospital Timeline (Duplicate?) reveals helpful background information. Also this study, Institutional Expansion, Community Relations, and the Hospital Next Door, by Karla Nyreen Solheim (May 19, 2005) offers key insights on hospital expansion...

“During the early days of urban renewal in the 1950s and early 1960s, large teaching hospitals in Boston experienced a surge of political and economic power that allowed them to expand with few constraints, often to the detriment of their residential neighbors. Today, the same hospitals must broker complex deals with their neighbors if they wish to expand, offering up a host of community benefits. The process by which the hospital-community power dynamic has evolved has been shaped by the mediating entity of the Boston Redevelopment Agency, which is in turn influenced by the Mayor's Office in Boston. Despite their many roles in the city, it is their sheer physical presence that drives hospitals' relationships with their neighbors. The health care and employment benefits they can provide are not major bargaining chips in disputes over expansion; the important considerations are the tangible elements of power - money and land. The primacy of physical presence as a relationship driver can be illustrated by the differences in the negotiation process that hospitals directly bordering residential communities and extending into them experience, as opposed to hospitals that are not directly on the residential fringe.”

Faxton St. Luke's was part of a "PIONEER EMPLOYER HOSPITALS" effort called Getting Ahead by Growing Your Own. Seems it is "the people", and much less "the age of the buildings".

The downtown concept started in secret, beginning with talks about Hospital Affiliation.

Not the study we needed, becuase FOIL Response, NYS DOH, January 2020 is mostly a C.O.N. for "Mohawk Valley EC LLC". And while the community has been very concerned with Reuse of Utica's old hospitals, after waiting five years very little is offered. Our group is not satisfied with the Site study that placed a hospital into downtown, and we're still demanding the sudy that indicated an entirely new hospital was required.

Consider this June 21, 2012 presentation to the Public Health and Health Planning Council of the New York State Department of Health, Driving Health System Improvement in NYS: Policy Priorities and Tools.

Economy, Economics, Demographics & Socioeconomics

Economies: Where have they been, are they at, and going? Talking about the Regional, Oneida County & City of Utica Economies.

City Of Utica Finances, plus issues of Bonding and Jobs situation. And now we have to look at MVHS's Onieda County Bonding.

2011 Upstate New York in Profile (PDF): Trends, Projections, and Community & Economic Development Issues, by Cornell University

Politicians, our city and state officials, as well as Mohawk Valley EDGE (MVREDC, ....) try to tell us which way the local economy is going and where it's at today. We say no thanks, lets look at Land & Property Values for an honest and accurate assessment. We love this Utica Come Back Story, but the hospital concept would not help.

New York & Upstate Cities: New York State Governor Cuomo has placed focus on downtowns, and Upstate cities have been winning awards of $1M and $10M and more. For example, Rome, New York is working on their Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI). They'll tear down a parking garage, while Utica seeks to construct one! ... add other pages for each upstate city's DRI plans, compare and contrast, and then index to a "Master DRI" page.

Hospital Economic Impact: Reasons to place the hospital into downtown were listed as; it's central location, and that the employees would make downtown vibrant. We're looking at the Economic Impact Assessment that was suggested in #Emailgate, but which appears not to have been done - unless one counts that offered by Steve DiMeo of MVEDGE? See Steve's work in his secret July 27, 2017, download (PDF) document on this page, MVHS Secret Meeting, July 27, 2017. More on their suggestion that the hospital would be a Economic Engine. Consider the 990's of Utica's Hospitals And The Mohawk Valley Health System.

Not to be forgotten, when talking about economics of the new hospital concept, we must look at Debt as debt seems to make the world turn. And what's the largest debt that people assume? Yes, Housing, and tied to this are Utica's precarious Demographics. Finally, the taxpayer-backed bank who'd float this hospital scheme, the Dormitory Authority Of New York State. Diminishing Utica's Tax Base makes zero sense! What of Affordable Housing?

Where should a hospital be located? How about in the correct Population Center?

Downtown Utica

Link to the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood (CoLa) map of Downtown Utica, commentary and our group's original homepage - Downtown Is No Place For Hospital!. And what about the Traffic Impacts?

The hospital concept is at odds with Utica's downtown "Gateway Historic Canal District".

Little town or big city, Sense Of Place, is incredibly important. Have we not destroyed enough? Just look at the Developments In The Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood, and realize that Downtowners Want A Downtown, Not A Huge Hospital District. We even wrote it in our City of Utica plans, but they even gave us the Master Plan Review Debacle.

Read about and see the Changing Downtown Utica Hospital Map. We've made another update showing an additional Utica Observer-Dispatch map, but still not a full disclosure: Changing Downtown Utica Hospital Map, Rev3.

One of our ideas was to have a series called, What Downtown Could Be. Our first one was titled: BUD & #NHD Take To The Rooftop.

We have continued our investigation and vision for CoLaFa and Downtown Utica at BetterUticaDowntown

Consider multiple references as we suggest, their Hospital Concepts "Flips-The-Script" on downtown development.

Economic Development: Developers, Projects & Issues

We believe that Preservation should be a key cornerstone to Columbia Lafayette Street's redevelopment. More than one person has suggested a "marketplace, and another has suggested one like the ByWard Market of Ottawa, Canada.

A major step in New York State construction projects is the required SEQRA process that developers and Downtown Developers must undergo. The Mohawk Valley Region sought a major state investment, $500M worth of projects, called our MV500 bid. Implicated in development stories are both State and Federal programs; HUBZone, Environmental Justice Area, & Opportunity Zones.

What to think about before, during and after one says, we're Building A New Utica Hospital.

Learn about Albany's Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) programs and stories of how Upstate cities compete for $10M awards.

Opportunity Zones.


Land Use.


Development Stories Of Downtown.


Utica’s Doyle Hardware Building

Ask certain people in healthcare or real estate, and they'll say we already have Oneida County's Medical District (OCMD) very well established. Removing the hospital, makes little sense, and might even damage of healthcare ecosystem. Certainly as a Landlocked City, Utica would injure its taxbase.

We've read the downtown hospital justified called a Anchor Institution concept, but strangely at the same time, politicians also seem to be seeking to bulldoze other anchor institutions, our Utica Police Department and the Utica City Courts campuses.

This would not be a hospital for better healthcare, nope, just destructive downtown Urban Renewal all over again!

Eminent Domain, need to (E.D. integrate this page)

Utica Eds & Meds.

Healthcare Realestate Is Hot, but a terrible reason to bulldoze our downtown!

The Big Urban Mistake.

View BUD's Better Plans, and speaking of plans, we have put together thoughts and aggregated others ideas on Utica's Master Plans.

This presentation looks at the developments in and around Utica, titled The Mohawk Valley Looking Forward, revealing an early concept for a Downtown Utica Hospital.

This plan for a Downtown Utica Micro Grid (PDF) mentions the downtown hospital concept (7) times, and on page 65 states: "The project will also demonstrate the island type development strategy and be integrated with the future central hospital CHP facility to be developed by the City in the adjacent area. The project will demonstrate the advantages of municipal ownership, which can be widely replicated in other NYS municipalities."

We talked about Land And Property Values, and within this area their is emphasis on Smart Growth... the hospital concept is NOT Smart Growth!

A few programs and initiatives we are watching are; Brownfields, PILOT's, Leasebacks, and the new Mohawk Valley Land Bank. All old or new initiatives that are underway and being touted as great new programs...

The Utica Business Park is a key asset for Oneida County healthcare, for today and tomorrow!

Real Estate / Land Use / City Planning & Planners

A large part of the downtown hospital conversation impacts real estate and land use; Real Estate / Land Use page.


They say downtown has great accessibility, so we're examining the topic of Access. Meanwhile, we're very alarmed our leaders are not concerned with the increased Risk of the Mainline CSX Railroad Tracks, which lie just 1,500 feet from the proposed hospital site! Hear from Railroad Safety Consultants.And again, what about the Traffic Impacts?

Both St. Elizabeth Medical Center and St. Luke's both currently have helicopter landing site. We note the downtown concept's Helipad story has varied; are helicopters a good fit with downtown, and is the concept feasible?

We've also examined issues regarding the Safety of a downtown vs. more suburban hospital, as many people bring up the topic.

So many other questions, themes and questionable assumptions have been made... much has revolved around cars and the hospital as Parking & The Parking Garage issues have loomed large. Some ask, "We Paid For Construction, We Park Free, Right?" "Certainly Not", is the correct answer!

The Downtown Hospital Concept

MVHS requires a C.O.N. before they can build a new facility, (need to integrate that page with utica hospitals and a certificate of need this one.

We offer a New Hospital Timeline, the "story" behind picking a Site, it's location in the Largest Population Center Of Oneida County, as well as the Number Of Beds in the proposed concept.

Hospital Funding Story.

Learn about the Parcels MVHS Wants and their Property Offers.

We thought many times, they should Stop Digging.

What level of Trauma Care would be offered?

$300M Grant.

Hospital Budget.

4 Hospital IT Systems.

Foot Traffic.

The downtown hospital would need a Central Utility Plant (CUP).

One Out Of Many.

What Studies Were Done, & Where Are They?

Hospital Sprawl, Not Consolidation.

Is the proposed downtown hospital concept a Pediatrics solution?

Here's A Million, But Better Warn You... I'm Broke!.

Even those in the know, probably have no clue as to the fate of the Utica Police Department, and then there's the Utica City Courts.

Concept is so Contrived, so they've applied their Astroturfing and added the #mvhshealthcast audio programs.

Area of proposed hospital would be for the Masonic Research Lab.


We call for Defunding DSRIP in Oneida County.

Our Position Paper, vs. this The Issue At Hand (integrate them into one?)... plus a survey and other poll/survey results at Polls. Oh, and a word about "Old" Hospitals.

We're emphasizing preservation again, as we offer a Boilermaker15K History Lesson, good luck all 2018 competitors!

Meet With #NHD, read our Press Releases.

Cure For A Fib.


The ridiculous Wetlands excuse.

The Changing Map.

Why place the new hospital in Utica's most prone place to succumb to Flooding.


MVEDGE's Secret Meeting.

City Asset Giveaway.

FOIL'ing For Information.


UticaOD Headlines + Comments.

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New Hospital Survey.

Just Be Honest!

Valentines Day Date?.


#NoHospitalDowntown Business Card.

BattleForOurCity 2017.

Ghost Of Robert Moses.

Have It Both Ways.

Before Its Too Late.

Grow A Pair.

The Lies Told About The New Oneida County Hospital

The Healthcare Reasons not to build downtown, but to build at St. Luke's. We also have a theory that perhaps Utica would have a two-hospital outcome; One For Rich & One For The Poor.


The downtown concept is surrounded by Hospital Politics, with possible connections to National Politics. We believe it signals that Corruption Has Landed In Utica. Wouldn't be the first time as shown by, The Utica Mob Files. Read portion of the book, In Gotham's Shadow.

Starting with Funding Legislation, and leading to a Shiny Object Strategy. And in 2018, the Tenney-Brindisi NY-22 Congressional Rift

Candidates Who Say #NoHospitalDowntown.

Welcome To Your City of Utica Common Council.

Oneida County SOC Addresses.

Add "my" page, Truett Supports Poccia to "/lou.php".

Is there a main Term Limits page? If not create and link this one, Taking Another Term, and the Term Limits Fiasco Is All About Hospital.

Politicians called #NoHospitalDowntown founders and members naysayers, when in reality its been New York's bad response to global changes hurting Upstate. Now we have a whole host of bad dynamics, including Cuomo Ignoring Utica, But Why? Was "Utica-Marcy Nano" the start and now Brindisi and his hospital what's prolonging it?

Many have told us, Follow The Money, that's how you'll start understanding their senseless Downtown Utica hospital concept.

Residents acted! Soon after politicians start their New Hospital Astroturfing effort.


Looking at what we feel are Legal issues in the new hospital debate. Most alarming, is this the "smoking gun"... learn more as we ask again for state help; Letter To Office of NYS AG Barbara Underwood

People, Companies & Organizations

People and Companies And Organizations on all sides of the "Hospital Debate", even hidden and perhaps forgotten ones too!

On April 22, 2019, MVHS started developing their Just The Facts documents. Wow, sure took them long enough! MVHS started working (publicly anyway) on a new Oneida County hospital concept in Novemeber of 2014. That's over four years ago. Now they've decided to try and explain-away their real estate scam.

Get to know the professional astroturfing Yes People & Groups.

Our group has spoken with Utica's Community Groups. We wonder if the good people Seeking A Better Downtown are any match for those within the Board Matrix. Watching the aforementioned astroturfing escalate to new levels, with the Utica Chamber Makes Resolution, we know we're in for a real battle!


UticaOD Hospital Headlines: 2007 to 2018.

Rome Sentinel Headlines.

Fair Play Rx?

Just a few of the Reporters We Know. Who'll be the one to break this story to a state-wide/national audience? Answer is, probably a court reporter somewhere off in our future...

(Link to the /reporters.php and tie each major outlets page to it, add if we don’t have one, place links to their website, and social media pages. Add our favorite POC/Their Twitter Acct at head of each topic...?)


Contacts in the issue are all posted to the Resources page. At the foot our our homepage, older messages are posted here: Archive Posts. We're working on fixing the formatting on our Search page.

(Determine the difference of these two pages, Organizers & Contacts and Organizers & Contacts (New))

Additional References

Downtowns, hospitals, healthcare, economic development, eminent domain, and related materials that may prove helpful in our #BattleForOurCity

Seeking what's right, we can learn from this: Grassroots organizing toolkit for Local Civil Rights Restoration campaigns

Stopping the bulldozers will be very like winning a political campaign. This gentleman, Jay Townsend, offers ideas on winning a political battle.

Our group is not opposed to investing in the region's healthcare and not against a new hospital, just the Downtown Utica location selected by politicians! We're 4,000+ Strong At #NoHospitalDowntown and say: Just Build IT At St. Luke's!

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown